Tuesday, August 14, 2007

$100.00 Zune from Dell?

A few websites have been reporting of buying a Zune for about $100.00, checkout what Audio Junkies had to say:

I highly suggest not waiting around for this deal, as it probably will not last very long.


- Go to the link above.
- Click on the "MP3s" Box
- Click Microsoft under "Shop By Brand" on the left side
- Click on the Pink Zune and add it to your cart.
- Now you will be at a screen that says the Pink Zune has been added to your cart. Check the box beside the black Zune under "Related Products" on this page.
- Click "Proceed to cart and checkout" under the black Zune check box.
- Remove the Pink Zune from your cart.
- The black Zune should now be in your cart for $109.
- Pay with Paypal and receive an additional 10% off.
- At least one person has reported having theirs shipped for $104 with tax and shipping.



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