Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Four secret button tricks for your Zune player

by Harvey Chute

zune graphic

Special button combinations can be used to execute Zune player functions. These button tricks - not widely known - are sure to amuse and delight your friends.

And yes, they work with the new players as well as the updated 30GB.

  • By default, Zune goes to "sleep" after a few minutes of inactivity, and then turns itself off. You can save a few millijoules of battery life by turning your player completely off when you're finished with it. How? Press and hold "down" on the Zune Pad, and press and hold the Back button.
  • No matter what player function you're using, you can always quickly go back to the main menu. Just press and hold the Back button.
  • To reset your player - also known as a "reboot" - press and hold the Back button, while pressing "up" on the Zune Pad.
  • To reformat your player's drive, reset it as noted above. When it starts to reset, hold down the Back button, Center button, and Play button at the same time. Your player will inform you that it is deleting all media on device, and your Zune should revert to the "way it was" when you first pulled it out of the box. Careful! This will erase your player contents and you should rarely if ever need to do it.
  • Get more of these parlor tricks in our Zune tips page.



    mantra2 said...

    this is sorta old news....I remember hearing about it when i got my zune 30 a few weeks after launch

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    Unknown said...

    I actually didn't know about the whole "complete shut down" command with my zune, for the longest time it would always die when i was at work in my pocket because it'd turn itself back on even with the keys locked and it'd just run itself dry. Zune

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