Thursday, December 27, 2007

According to google, Zune is the Most Popular Christmas Gifts in the US

Google Hot Trends is a great way to see what are the most popular Christmas presents, at least in the US. You only need to look at the URLs entered in Google's search box (people still haven't discovered the address bar):




Zackery Tyler said...

lets not forget all those people who already own ipod and are just upgrading to the newest and are using apple update....yeah its sad if you have to try and dig up reasons to talk up the zune.

Odvar said...

I happen to really like this site and visit it quite frequently. Keep up the good work Steve! And Zack honestly, why bother commenting at all?

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Garrett said...

You certainly don't need to look for reasons to talk about the gen2. Owns the ipod hands down... yeah, even the "touchpod"....$400 for 16g's and a browser (kinda), get outta're just tied up in "iland" and you can't get out.

Kumar V said...

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