Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Zune Equalizer

How to Adjust the Sound Equalizer on a Zune

Things You'll Need:

* Zune

Step 1:
Turn on your Zune. Once you have powered it up, begin to play music or a video.

Step 2:
Adjust the volume. To do this, while the track or video is playing, hold the control pad up or down to adjust the volume to a good listening level. If a track or video is not playing, then simply turn the audio up or down.

Step 3:
Set the volume low. When adjusting the equalizer, you may receive loud blasts of sound in an instant. Keep the volume lower while adjusting this so you do not damage your hearing.

Step 4:
Go to the Main Menu. Once you are here, select Settings. This will give you many options to choose from to adjust various settings for your Zune.

Step 5:
Select Music. Once you have chosen Music, select Equalizer. Once you have selected Equalizer, it will go through the various equalizer settings.

Step 6:
Make your selection. Once you have heard each equalizer setting, select the one you wish to listen through and save that setting.

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