Thursday, May 10, 2007

Zune to get wireless downloads, version 2 hardware, flash player - engadget

Sometimes you can never know for sure, but we've got some pretty convincing material from a Zune source which shows a beta build of firmware v1.4 (shown as 2.1.4, perhaps as an internal designation). Apparently you'll finally be able to put your WiFi to good use (other than being a part of "the social") by using open WiFi hotspots (no word on WiFi you have the key for) and Microsoft points for downloading tracks. (Sorry, no word about subscriptions, syncing, and the like. And yes, we know the wireless icon is missing; we were told it was accidentally omitted from the download UI in this build.) Also up to bat in the near future, further confirmation that we can expect Zune v2 and a flash Zune in the next month or so -- perhaps just in time to remind people that Apple isn't the only game in town when the iPhone hype hits its peak.

Source: Engadget

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Micaiah said...

i knew that was crap Zune

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