Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Confirmed: ZuneHD to use NVIDIA Tegra processor

There is a lot of news circulating today about some rumors of the new Zune HD using the NVIDIA Tegra processor. Several websites have been following the rumor, that started at, but apparently no one can confirm whether or not Microsoft's latest portable media player does indeed use NVIDIA's system-on-a-chip design.

Well PC Perspective can: the Zune HD does in fact use NVIDIA's Tegra processor. I actually learned this fact from some NVIDIA staffers over at Computex in early June but I guess I just didn't realize how "news worthy" the information was. No longer do you have to worry about "rumors" on the subject - Tegra has its first major design win.

NVIDIA Tegra likely won the design with impressive statistics like its ability to decode a video stream using just 150 mWatts of power and output audio at only 20 mWatts.

The Zune HD features a stunning 3.3-in OLED touch screen display with a resolution of 480x272 and can playback just about any video including high quality H.264 content. While the resolution on the screen is somewhat limiting, the Zune HD has an HDMI output that will support HD video up to 720p - thus the need for a powerful graphics-based processor like NVIDIA's Tegra. The device also includes an HD radio receiver, IE-based web browser, Wi-Fi and accelerometers for rotation support. Overall I think it will make a great competitor to Apple's iPod touch line up when it comes out later this year.

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