Monday, June 22, 2009

ZuneHD Radio - What are the advantages?

The ZuneHD will also include HD Radio, many wonder what are the advantages of upgrading to HD Radio rather than standard AM/FM signals?

In the quest to transmit digital signals at a higher quality technology made an adaptation and technological advancement known to many as HD Radio. Back then reception that was transmitted in radios and other forms of digital music have some distortions making the sound quality quite bad. Analog broadcasts have defined the kind of technology that was used back then but HD Radio has made a significant lead in providing the most modern and high quality radio broadcasting for most AM and FM stations.

What is HD Radio and how does this work? Back then radio signals were transmitted through analog sounds. Although this is the form of transmission used for decades, the quality of the sound is not that good with some static and fades that may be experienced. As technology has paved a way for more convenience and quality when it comes to sound, HD Radio technology was introduced to basically improve and add quality to the way signals are transmitted. This has paved a way for radio technology to follow from analog to digital quality sound. If consumers are interested to make an upgrade to HD Radio technology, the signals being transmitted from analog would now be compressed from digital signal making the quality even better as compared to only getting the analog sound. Digital radio will now be able to surpass the interference caused and experienced commonly by analog signals and now would be easily intercepted and replaced with the digital radio.

The advantage of upgrading into HD radio quality is the way your signals are being transmitted. Whether you are using FM or AM, you can ensure that you can experience high quality sound that is as good as an FM stereo of you tune in to AM and you will be not be able to experience anymore less fades and static. When you also have HD radio you also get to receive from the radio’s signal additional information aside from the music signal itself that will be shown on your receiver’s display. Depending on what information the station can offer you may also be able to receive information such as weather news, traffic updates and etc.

With more programming choices and better audio quality you can make sure that once you upgrade to HD Radio this can basically offer you some new and better ways to make your listening experience a more enjoyable one. With the way HD Radio technology works, it’s easier and more convenient to enjoy your leisure time while getting some important information through the radio. This is the way radio broadcasting technology has made an impeccable mark in making our lives easier with the use of entertainment technology.

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