Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zune HD with Xbox Live

Zune HD with Xbox Live features some HD related features both for video and audio and can enable an Xbox live user to focus on the video content once it also gets integrated with Zune. Zune HD has an HD radio receiver built within it that gives an advantage because of its high quality audio and a more precise tuning ability. This is to ensure that the user will experience a more convenient audio and video experience when using Zune HD with Xbox Live. The integration of these two technologies will indeed create a great impact on the users over all experience with the following multimedia devices.

While this is a major leap in terms of the integration of Zune HD with Xbox live giving it a boost for users who not only tune in to music all the time but are also video game fanatics. This portable media player can just be the right thing that users would want to get to experience total entertainment in audio and video phase. So how exactly does the Zune HD integration with Xbox live differs from what we have been used to?

The Zune HD with its multitouch functionality has a full screen internet browser. It also Wi-Fi enabled which gives the user the opportunity to stream using the device with its millions of sound tracks straight from the Zune music store. Because it is now integrated with Xbox Live, not only are music and videos available in the marketplace for Xbox, it will give the opportunity for more games and movies to be downloaded straight from this site. The Zune HD has an OLED touch screen interface with a 480x272 resolution format display and a 16:9 widescreen.
Zune HD carries a high definition output when the Zune is connected to an HD television and this also carries out the ability to get into HD radio stations at a better quality than standard ones. With this kind of set up, you can finally get an overall device which offers video with HD radio and internet browser connectivity.

This certainly is a more improved version of the original Zune that was released in the market. With accessible applications over the Xbox Live Video Marketplace this will definitely cater to the needs of consumer who are both into music and video games. This is also a boost for the gaming market as more people are looking for accessibility in this field. With a touch based device that promises comfort and convenience. With Zune’s makeover this can more likely attract the consumers using its improved design and functionality. This portable media player thus by far will create a new user gaming and music experience for entertainment purposes.

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