Thursday, July 23, 2009

Microsoft, Apple and 21 More Companies Sued for Touch Screen Patent Violation

Tsera has sued 23 electronics companies in federal court in eastern Texas for violating a patent on touchscreens.
The suit, filed on July 15, cites Apple’s iPod Classic and Nano products, Microsoft’s Zune digital media player, and 21 other popular devices as violating a patent, “Methods and Apparatus for Controlling a Portable Electronic Device Using a Touchpad,” granted in 2003.
The patent proposes a general description of how a user would input commands on a touchscreen “by tracing patterns with his finger on a surface of the touchpad. No immediate visual feedback is provided as a command pattern is traced, and the user does not need to view the device to enter commands.”

“A microcontroller within the device matches the pattern traced by the user against a plurality of preset patterns, each of which corresponds to a predefined function or command of the device. If the pattern traced by the user is a reasonably close match to any of the preset patterns, the device performs the predefined function corresponding to the matched pattern. The touchpad replaces the numerous buttons that are typically used to control portable electronic devices, thereby enhancing usability and reducing manufacturing costs.”


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