Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ZuneHD competes with iPod Touch

The iPod Touch owners may no long feel the superior feeling because here comes a new more vibrant music gadget called the Zune HD! This is the latest gadget from Microsoft who had demonstrated the features of the music device live and already generated buzz that it is going to be a better gadget than the iPod Touch.

The private demo of Microsoft's first touch screen player at the D7 technology has indeed created a kind of buzz around that its distinctiveness are very much imposing and they have the quality to pose threat to the sophistication level of iPod Touch in lots of features. Some of the features of the Zune HD seem enhanced than TOUCH. Dissimilar to Windows Mobile phones, which are usually come with inaccurate and sluggish resistive touch-screen, the Zune HD has a capacitive touchscreen like the iPod touch and responds both swiftly and precisely to finger input. These and the construction distinction were enough to immediately surprise spectators.

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