Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Convert YouTube to Zune, Put YouTube Videos on your Zune

Everyday, plentiful video clips are uploaded to YouTube.com. Somebody say that these sites will disappear soonest, due to obvious copyright infringement issues, and then, why not to download those good video clips and save to our computer/iPod/PSP before they're gone forever? Here I will show you to get around this possibility and copy videos from YouTube.com.

I have not tried the tutorial yet, but seems like a really good idea. Please leave some comments if someone has tried it and/or going to try it.



Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I know a good software for converting youtube videos. It is Moyea YouTube to Zune Converter. All you should do is to copy the URL of YouTube video and copy to the specified field for URL. Click the big button on the bottom-right corner, and the conversion begins.
This only limit for the trial version is the watermark on output video.
Try the free trial at http://www.my-video-converter.com/youtube_to_zune/ and the output video could be WMV, MP4.
You can set H.264 as the video codec for MP4, after clicking the “Settings” button. The quality with H.264 is stunning for Zune.

Jemsedmond said...

As you want to save youtube videos and convert them, you can use the wondershare youtube downloader that I have been using, it can help you.

Easy to use:
(1), download youtube videos with wondershare youtube downloader
first:add url
second:set the path of saving download files
third:start to download

(2), convert the videos to mp4, mpg, wma,mp3 etc that Zune supported
one step: select the file which you want to convert;
second step: click the convert button and set the conversion formats and saving path
third: start to convert.

Another, you install it, you will find a youtube player, that can view youtube videos that you download.


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