Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Microsoft wants to put Linux on the Zune!

I spent December seventh, eighth, and ninth in Seattle as Microsoft's guest. Microsoft flew me there from Florida at its expense, put me up in a nice hotel, provided decent food, and comped me and four other invitees to this "special conference" with presentations about the marvels of Vista and other recent or upcoming Microsoft products. They didn't quite play the old Beatles song "Love Me Do" in the background, but it was the event's unstated theme. And, as a free bonus, Microsoft gave me a free Zune to pass on to a developer who wants to put Linux on it or make a utility that will allow it to interact with a PC running Linux.

This would be VERY interesting to see!


PistolPete989 said...

I am probably not the best choice to give the Zune to, but I currently have a Zune kinda running Linux. I didn't build it, I can't really sync it, but it boots up and I can control the pointing device using the directional pad and click using the center button. Other than a few very simple games it's useless. I have not yet been able to play any media files on it.
Like I said I'm no genius, I simply removed the hard drive and put in a hard drive that already had a working version of Linux for a different media player. Like I was saying, it's nothing special, no wireless, no media files, but it does boot on it's own.

Unknown said...

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