Sunday, December 31, 2006

IE Plugin Youtube & Google Video to Zune

ZuneIEPlugIn is a free convertor that allows you to install an Internet Explorer plugin that aids in saving Youtube (, GoogleVideo ( and SoapBox ( videos to your videos folders. You can view them on WMV compatible portable device (Zune).

To get started:

  • Download ZuneIEPlugin on Sourceforge for Internet Explorer and install it.
  • While watching a google video or youtube video press on the ZuneIt icon in the IE's Toolbar (if you can't see it, click the arrows on the top right).

  • Wait until the video downloads.
  • Convert the video from fla to wmv (if you don't have a software to convert the file, try Riva).
  • Open your Zune Software and sync it up to your player.

Videos get stored here:
C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\My Videos\



Unknown said...

I installed the plug-in. It does convert it to .wmv format. Have you really tried using the plug-in at all?

Steve said...

Yes I have tried the plugin, and it did not convert it for me. I am glad yours was successful.

Unknown said...

Did it give you any errors when it couldn't convert the flv to wmv? I am curious because I know the developer and he might want to learn more. Thanks.

Unknown said...

If the program didn't convert .flv to .wmv for you, you may want to go to command prompt, go to program files\mytube\zuneieplugin and run flvtowmv source_file target_file where source_file is the .flv file, target file is the target wmv file. This should tell you what could be going wrong.

Steve said...

keerti, I will give it a try. I know that the last time I tried it, I just found the fla file, and no WMV file...I didn't really investigate any further

JK-DJ said...

I installed it and tried it on both YouTube and Google using IE7. It worked great. The flv was converted automatically and the file showed up pretty quickly in my Zune video library. The conversion was as good as any other FLV converter I've used.

Cholschuh said...
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Lilhacker said...

um, hey everyone, im a real newbie at all this stuff but im gonna ask a few questions anyway. I did download this plug-in but i dont see an icon that says "zune it" anywhere on my browser. did i do something wrong? Hel Woudl Be Most Appreciated.

Sparta said...

does video downloader do the same thing for Firefox Zune

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