Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Encode360 2.0b5a Released

After I wrote the tutorial on how to use Dan's software, I have been using it a lot more. Well, he released another version yesterday 2.0b5a.


- Frame rate was sometimes calculated incorrectly which caused encoding to fail
- Percentage Complete was way off. Hopefully I've sorted this out now.
- Duration was always reported in seconds. Should now be reported in H/M/S.
- Output resolution said "N/A" when not autoscaling. It now correctly says the same as the Input resolution
- Arithmetic error in timerPercentComplete_Tick would occur if WME couldn't determine the source duration
- Default settings for 802.11b in an unconfigured environment were too high
- Numerous cosmetic and logging bugs

Automatic correction for Non-Square-Pixel videos. This should resolve most Aspect Ratio issues
- OGM File Support (Except for subtitles, although someone could probably build an PPS like the MKV one?)
- Added DVR-MS as a filetype (may or may not work. I can't find a codec that works with this)
- Ability to set additional settings through Encode360.Exe.XML
- Video Buffer Size (Bitrate Modes Only - Default 3000)
- Video Buffer Max (Peak Bitrate Mode Only - Default 5000)
- Video Image Sharpness (Quality Based VBR Mode Only - Default 100)
- Video Keyframe Distance (Default 2000)
- Can move processed files to the Recycle Bin by specifying "RECYCLE BIN" as the move path
- PostProcessing Scriptlets
- If a PreProcessing Scriptlet exists, the filetype it's for gets added to the supported format list

- Major Major Change - No more FFMPEG! Now uses MediaInfo Libraries
- This has a lot of knock-on effects and is likely to have fixed a lot of reported bugs, but maybe caused new ones
- Fail-over to No Progress if MediaInfo can't determine the source duration
- Selecting Output to Zune or Zune Bitrate now auto enables 2 channel downmix as well as setting all other Zune defaults
- Numerous failsafes implemented to prevent encodes from failing
- Expanded out the abilities of PreProcessing Scriptlets
- If using the MKV Subtitle PPS, you'll need to re-download from here
Yet again, he amazes me with his fixes and updates on his converting software. Thanks Dan!

Download Encode360 2.0 b5 from here.

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