Thursday, January 4, 2007

Cure for skipping issue

There have been reports that skipping occurs within the first few seconds of the song when playing on the Zune. It will happen in the beignning of the song, and then go away, but then will occur again at the next song. Thier has been a solution, but not the best one...David from Zunester: If you set your backlight to Always On, the symptoms disappear.

You can find the settings here:
Settings > Display > Backlight

If you find this issue annoying you than, apply this until Microsoft can come out with a firmware fix.

After you apply this fix you will bring up another issue in that your battery dies all the time...

Thanks to for the tip.


makers13 said...

i picked up my zune about 2 weeks ago and was furious about the skipping....i appreciate the post regarding the backlight "fix".

on my zune what also works is turning the wireless off. both work and depending upon your useage at least we have a choice.

keitare said...

the skipping was fixed with the firmware update of 1.3 it was caused by drm tracks downloaded from the zune marketplace Zune

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