Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Zune to Zune Chat...ChikaZune!

What is ChikaZune? (straight from their website)
Chika (pronouced 'cheeka') for zune is what I call a collection of images with pre-printed words, questions and comments arranged into several easy to navigate directories. Simply use your zune dial button to select and send wirelessly to another zune user. Simple.

This method of communication reminds me of the "Zune CRM Application" that was introduced a while back by making a bunch of images and storing them on your Zune, and they get sorted automatically for easy navigation.

They have two different versions, a lite (100 images) and a large (1000 images) and covers more common conversations.

Although I have not tried this with anyone, it still seems kind of rudimentary way to communicate with an anonymous person or friend with the Zune. I'm hoping Microsoft will come out with an easier way than this (attachment keyboard?).

View more information on their website:


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