Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Share your Zune media with Xbox 360

Want to share your music / pictures / videos with the 360 over the network? Follow this simple tutorial to get you going:

1.) Open up your Zune software

2.) Enabling Media Sharing

  • Click Options > Library > Media Sharing > Select "Share my media"
  • Check off what you would like to share / stream to your Xbox 360 (video, music, pictures).
  • Then you can choose if you want it to go to all Xbox 360's or only selected ones

3.) Setting up your Xbox 360

  • Navigate to the Media tab
  • In the Media section, select Music, Picture or Photos
  • Select the Computer that has the media you would like to play
  • Navigate through the media on you computer and select the media you want to play
All set! Please leave any comments if you find any problems.

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