Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Belkin Introduces New Zune Accessories

After the release of Zune's media player, Belkin comes out with an FM Transmitter (TuneBase Transmitter), and a backup battery pack.

The TuneBase will be shipping sometime this month, and retail at $79.99 (comparing Ipod FM transmitter at amazon.com for around $62.00).

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Also new from Belkin is the TunePower, a rechargeable protective case that can extend playtime by up to six hours. It has a fold out kickstand to support the zune for video viewing, also comes with an AC adapter, and will retail at $59.99.

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Belkin is also shipping a variety of cases including:
metal-topped, form-fitting clear acrylic case with a detachable belt clip and stand (F8M028, $29.99 MSRP); the Folio Kickstand Case (F8M031, $29.99), an adjustable kickstand case that allows for a better video-viewing angle and protects the Zune's screen with clear cover; a stain-resistant microfiber holster case (F8M030, $29.99); a neoprene jacket case (F8M034, $19.99); and a the ClearScreen Overlay screen protector (F8M035, $14.99.)

Belkins Accessories

Gizmodo's Belkin's Zune Accessories Hands-On


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