Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hacking Zune - Guts exposed by xbox hacker bunnie

Zune Guts posted by xbox hacker bunnie

bunnie Says:
November 15th, 2006 at 3:36 am

Also, if they did it right, they will have enabled the built-in security features of the MX31 so you can’t/it is very difficult to hijack the boot–but it is still vulnerable to buffer overruns, etc. as far as I can tell. Haven’t bothered to test it either way, but the High Assurance Boot (HAB) feature is worthy of caution if you are thinking about trying something.

Additional info about the Zune chips was posted by Tom Parker in the same post:

K4M51323PC-DG75 64 Mbytes x32 Mobile SDR DRAM / 133 MHz / 90 mA
looks like 16M ram
PH28F160C3TD         1Mx16 Boot block NOR flash, 3.3V
FS456LF PC to TV video scan converter (Macrovision 7)
CN211/SN74CBTLV16211C 24-bit FET bus switch
WM8978G Stereo CODEC with speaker driver / 0.9W power out
P003 / 620A5 8-bit bus transciever/driver for ATA standard
(hypothesized, more info appreciated...)
MC13783 Power manager
ISP1504 USB2.0 PHY
CL245/SN74CBTLV3245A Low voltage octal FET bus switch
KS3021/KS7010 RF/BB/MAC 802.11g WiFi (KeyStream) module
Sounds like the hardware hackers are hard at work to see what they can get this little device to do. A recent post on suggests that the hardware will be able to boot linux while not providing anything to back up the claim other than the fact that linux boots on a freescale processor.

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