Friday, November 24, 2006

Zune Hacks - Access Zune filesystem in Windows

SauliusM has figured out how to access the Zune's filesystem:

First of all go to your device manager (right click my computer then properties then hardware tab). Find Zune and go in its properties goto detail and go to the Device Instance ID tab. Keep This open because you will need to know that tag.

Now open up your registry (start -> run -> regedit)

goto system -> CurrentControlSet -> Enum -> USB

Now this is where you need to go back to the Device Instance ID
look at the id and open the folder in the registry according to the id.

Then open the folder inside it

Now click on Device Parameters but don't open it you should see a list of strings and binaries

Double click on:
EnableDefaultAutoPlaySupport - and change Value Data to 1
PortableDeviceNameSpaceExcludeAutoPlayTab - change to 0
PortableDeviceNameSpaceExcludeFromShell - change to 0
ShowInShell - change to 1

And there you go now theres 2 new things in your My Computer named whatever you named your zune

When you open either of them up theres a drive in there called Storage
In mine there are 16 un-named files, 2 hidden files DevIcon.fil , DevLogo.fil, If youve ever received a file then theres the names of those zune's, and a WMPInfo.xml. 5 folders 2 hidden named



Some files have a picture of a lock on them and some dont. You cant play or view anything or change anything. You can delete any files you want though.

If you want to open files all you need to do is start the zune software.


Ryan Aylsworth said...

Fuck yah thank you man!

Unknown said...

I have windows vista ad am far from hacker material, but i can figure out the BASICS. IS IT DONE DIFFERENTLY WITH wv? I tried doing it as per your step by step directions with no luck...i don't have a hardware tab in my properties folder, no tabs at all. HELP!!

Unknown said...

Anyway to do this on a ibook ?
Tried mounting the drive, from terminal, but there is some sort of lock. any way to add a filesystem on mac or what filesystem does Zune use?

gambino said...

I have done all the things you told me to do but the thing is, it will not let me view it as a storage device. even if I restart my computer, I have pluged in my zune with the USB cord and it will not work.

please help.

I'm using XP btw.

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