Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Convert video to Zune format with Avivo Video Converter

AMD is pitching its ATI Radeon X1000-series graphics cards as the ideal add-on for anyone who buys Microsoft's Zune media player.

AMD said its Avivo Video Converter tool, part of the Catalyst Control Center utility, can quickly convert content created by its DVR software into the format favoured by Portable Media Center devices - a format Zune will also play.

In the software there is a profile which supports video output to the Zune without the need for transcoding. You can download the zune video converter with the Catalyst Control Center which is a free download for all ATI hardware owners (X1000 and up).

There is also a document which walks a user through on how to convert their videos into a Portable Media Center format which is supported by the Zune.
ATI Zune Video Conversion Tutorial

Read more about this zune video converter here:

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