Monday, November 27, 2006

Zune External Hard Drive Hack "Patcher 2.0"

Download Patcher 2.0


  • Windows XP
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • A Zune

  • Unplug your Zune.
  • Turn off the Zune Software.
  • Run the patch.
  • Plug in your Zune.

Did it work?
  • If it said "Patched successfully", it worked.
  • Goto "My Computer" and double click on your Zune then on storage, and viola.
  • Don't worry about there being two icons, it's normal. Both work, click the one you like best.

What now?
  • Make a folder and start dropping stuff in it.
  • Email yourself the link to the patcher so if you plug it in on any other computer you'll have access to it. (The link is better then the actual file, as as more info becomes available, newer versions will be available and always as the same name, so you can always just go back and re-download from the very same link)

What if it doesn't work?

  • Open regedit
  • Go to the location specified in the tutorial
  • Take a screen shot (hit the print screen button near the top right corner of your keyboard)
  • Open mspaint (start->run->type in mspaint and hit enter)
  • Paste the screen shot (hit ctrl+v)
  • Save it as a .jpg or something small (not a .bmp)
  • Email me the picture (berdon(DOT)zune(AT)gmail(DOT)com)

  • Utilizes the Registry mod (from, created for people that don't want to fiddle around in their registry.


Unknown said...

I'd appreciate credits to the patcher (in your post) if you have a chance. ;)

Steve said...

Sure, who should we credit?

Austin H said...

Me, Berdon.

If you want to verify it, check the poster of the post at ZuneScene, or at ZuneBoards, or run the program (says it at the bottom). Zune

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